Bon À Tirer

A Garry Newton Retrospective.

This book was a Retrospective of the artist Garry Newton’s extraordinary body of work. The majority of his work was in the area of printmaking and this became the impetus for the book. A limited edition run of 500 books were printed, each hand-numbered as an edition – not unlike a printmaker’s numbering system.


Garry was an incredible storyteller and designed several books – one story of a family over several decades in South America. He created all of the imagery, set all the stories on an AES Word Processor and hand annotated the pages with notes, scribbles and stamps. This became the inspiration for the typography in the Retrospective piece. All page numbers were hand drawn along with various captions and notes. Titles appeared as stamps and a chart of the type was created so headers and captions could be executed properly to maintain the quirky consistency you would see from an AES processor or the like.

Gatefolds scattered throughout showcased several works in a larger format and a toothy tactile paper was chosen to mirror a traditional printmaker’s paper.


Garry Newton


Esplanade Art Gallery

Project Type

Art Catalogue, Print