El Tequileño Packaging

The Tequila Brand Story.

EL TEQUILEÑO is a Tequila with an authentic past. It’s birthplace – the town of Tequila – is entrenched in Tequila history. The story of “place” was important to the brand.


The bottles were created to memorialize this history with the 5 main tequilas in an embossed “1959 series” bottle. Labels for the 1959 series were designed to be classically elegant. Simple, delicate, beautiful typography combined with embossing and foiling details pair well against the heavy bottle. The two original base tequilas pay an homage to their original bottles and labels.


The brand guide gives insights into the history of the brand and the family vision for the distillery. It has a balance of historical information and the tactical information that a brand guide needs to have to informative and useful.