Road Trips + Other Diversions

Road Trips & Other Diversions is a national touring retrospective exhibition of Prairie artist David Thauberger's work.

Developed over more than 40 years, David’s career examines key themes and working processes. He is known for his keen eye and ability to capture vernacular architecture and Saskatchewan’s cultural icons – such as legion halls, false-front businesses, churches and houses – as if they were portraits.
This book navigates you through his career like a “road trip” through a prairie landscape. Starting with the book title, resembling that of a road sign, fixed over a blue prairie sky. The flocked treatment mimicking a process commonly used by David in his printmaking and providing a tactile, approachable entrance into the book. Subtle shifts and diversions steer you from one chapter to another like a journey through the prairies. Headers seem to parody the homeyness of small town hand painted signage. The Images themselves sit like portraits on the page. Many as if they are postcards of the journey.
A DVD at the end of the book features an interview with David, at work in his Studio. It allows you to “meet” the man behind the journey.


David Thauberger


Mendel Art Gallery, Saskatoon, Canada

Project Type

Art Catalogue, Print